What a Good Sport (Tantus Sport Review)

Sport Dildo by Tantus

I have something to confess: I am not much of a sports fan. My eyes usually glaze over when friends start chatting about games or athletes. The closest I’ve ever come to joining any kind of organized sports is belly dancing. However, I think I’ve finally found a Sport I can really get into…or in this case, can get into me. I’m talking about the Sport by Tantus. (In my opinion, this Sport is way more fun than a game of hockey.) Continue reading What a Good Sport (Tantus Sport Review)

A Very Super Nova

A little while ago, the fine folks at Venus Envy had their big annual inventory sale. I was super bummed that I missed it last year, so this year I made sure I popped into the Halifax store to see what was there. After browsing their gorgeous display of glass dildos, I looked up and that’s when I saw it: The Nova by We-Vibe. I’ll never forget what I thought to myself as I stared at it transfixed, from across the room:

“Hey that’s new! That sure looks weird for a dual stim vibe, though. How does that even work?”

Clearly, it was love at first sight. Continue reading A Very Super Nova

Shaking off the Dust (and Knitting)

I told myself I wasn’t going to keep writing about depression.

‘No one wants to hear about why I’m sad,’ I thought ‘and I have no real excuse for writing about this and not more sex toy stuff, since I’m no longer on meds that effectively eliminate my libido. There is just no need at all to write about depression, right?’

…Except depression has this nasty habit of just settling over you everything you do, like some kind of gross, clingy dust. Sometimes you can shake it off and go about your life, and other times it’s a city-destroying layer of hot, choking ash that covers everything you are. Until you manage to dig your way out. Again. But I was convinced that no one wanted to read about the overlap of sex and mental health in my own life, so I just continued to not write about it. Continue reading Shaking off the Dust (and Knitting)

Eins für mich!

Aha! I knew all those hours spent playing through levels learning German in Duolingo would come in handy someday! 😀

Speaking of coming in handy, I picked up the Stronic Eins by Fun Factory a little while ago!

I’ve had my eye on this thing basically since it came out. Upon suddenly finding myself with some extra cash (for once), instead of being a responsible adult and saving up for school (which I am now definitely going back to in September), I picked up a few more books and one brand new shiny Stronic Eins.

(Except it’s textured silicone, so it’s actually not shiny at all, but that’s beside the point. It’s metaphorically shiny.) Continue reading Eins für mich!

I Like the Way You Thinx

Well, this post is a little different than usual—Instead of talking about what goes into my vagina, I’ll be talking about what comes out of it.

This is a post about panties and periods and period panties, specifically Thinx Underwear.

So, obviously, if the mere thought of vaginal discharge or menstruation fills you with disgust a) stop reading, b) grow up. 🙂 Continue reading I Like the Way You Thinx

Coming up Rosie’s Birthday’s Coming Up!

A year ago, I decided to start writing about sex toys.

I was depressed and looking for something to do. Enough friends had encouraged me to share my thoughts on toys, and I had thoughts to share, so I began.

Then I started taking anti-depressants and my sex drive went from quite high to negative-something.

Then I went off of them and have been up and down since. I really wish I could say, “this thing happened and everything has been great!” but I can’t. Aside from the few times I had the time and energy to devote to my own projects (this blog included), and a few times I really got to this year has kinda sucked.

But I’ve found myself back in the same spot as before: lots to say, more time to say it, looking to connect to others through writing, and just as horny as ever.

So here’s to sitting myself down, picking myself up, and getting myself off. Again. Let’s make 2016 less overwhelmingly shitty.

The official birthday isn’t until the 17th, so stay tuned this week for a few more posts (a new toy review, a new story, and my thoughts on a brand of panties for starters) that I’ve got ready to celebrate!

Get ready to suck my clit, 2016. Suck. My. Clit. <3